Neuropsychology Treatment & Rehabilitation
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Assessment & Treatment Centers

  • Clinical Psychology Associates of North Central Florida, P.A. - Sponsor/Publisher of Neuropsychology Central.Com. Private Practice serving North Central Florida and beyond. Provides neuropsychological assessment, forensic neuropsychological assessment, neuropsychological evaluation of head injury, learning disability, ADHD as well as broad range of psychological assessment and treatment services. Full featured website has many articles, staff information, and further educational information about psychological and neuropsychological assessment.
  • Institute for Learning Abilities - a non-profit organization located in Pittsburgh . We have an outpatient clinic for learning disabled children and adults.
  • The Neuropsychology Center - The Neuropsychology Center provides comprehensive neuropsychological assessment, neurocognitive rehabilitation, professional consultation, and advanced training in the field of clinical neuropsychology.
  • Neuroscience Center of Indianapolis
  • Yale University School of Medicine Section of Neurosurgery - Dedicated to the enhancement of neurosurgical care provided to adults and children with neurological disease by comprehensively evaluating the cognitive abilities of patients before and after surgery, investigating scientifically the neural substrates of cognitive abilities, and training medical students, residents, and fellows in the techniques of clinical examination.

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Rehabilitation Literature

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Rehabilitation Products

  • BRAIN-TRAIN Cognitive Retraining Software - Programs in the BRAIN TRAIN Cognitive Retraining Software series were initially developed in a head injury day treatment setting to meet the clinical needs of specific clients. BRAIN TRAIN is currently being used in rehabilitation settings, community colleges, nursing homes, and public schools as well as by individuals at home in the United States and other countries.
  • Gordon Systems, Inc. - Devices and books for clinicians, parents, teachers, & children
  • Lash and Associates Publishing/Training - Practical, user-friendly tip cards, books and manuals on the consequences of brain injury among children, adolescents and young adults written for parents, educators and clinicians.
  • - Leading edge assistive and adaptive technology products and services for people with disabilities. Free product search and referrals. Augmentative and alternative communication devices, computer access equipment, multilingual speech synthesis and voice recognition software, on-screen keyboards, cognitive rehabilitation and retraining tools.

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General Support Information

  • Archimedes Entrance Page - Assistive devices technology site.
  • Assistive_Technology
  • Assistive Technology On-Line
  • Dana BrainWeb - Great sites for information on brain diseases and disorders.
  • Coma Waiting Page - provides answers to questions about brain injury, the ICU, the personnel and equipment of the ICU; questions about prognosis, treatment and resources. also helps families deal through supportive information and contact with the emotional crisis that brain injury has caused.
  • MedFriendly - MedFriendly is a unique website that provides jargon-free descriptions of medical terms, many of which are related to neuropsychology. MedFriendly is the website to go to go when you want medical information that is easy to understand.
  • Trace Research & Development Center - Online & Computer ergonomics for the physically and mentally challenged
  • World Information on Disability - Japanese language disability page

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Support Resources and Information Specific to Condition or Disease

Head Trauma

Multiple Sclerosis

  • MS crossroads - Multiple sclerosis info and links for patients, doctors and researchers.

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Recommended Books & Materials

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